In the heart of the Washington West African Center’s mission, Noelle stands as a dedicated and compassionate individual, shaping lives and futures. As the Executive Assistant and Director of the After-School Program, she embodies the very essence of community support. With a background rooted in service, her journey began at the University of Washington Bothell, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies.

Her path took a transformative turn during an internship with the Washington West African Center. Guided by her values and driven by a selfless commitment to others, she seamlessly transitioned from a student to a beacon of change within the community. It was during her time with WAWAC that she found herself at the intersection of purpose and passion.

With unwavering dedication, she extends a helping hand to community members, offering personalized assistance and a safe haven for all. Engaging in heartfelt conversations, she listens, empathizes, and uplifts, leaving an indelible mark on those she touches. Her profound connection with Pa Ousman Joof, WAWAC’s visionary founder, sparked an interview that changed the course of her journey, leading her to a role where she could truly make a difference.

Now, leading the BIDEWW after-school and Summer program, she has become a nurturing guide for young minds aged 5 to 14. Creating vibrant and culturally enriching curricula, she champions exploration, growth, and self-expression. She empowers these children to embrace their West African heritage, fostering creativity, curiosity, and confidence. Homework help, tutoring, and mentorship became the cornerstone of her approach, allowing each child to flourish in their unique way.

Her journey of service culminated in an accolade that speaks volumes about her impact. The “UWB Community Impact Award” from the School of Nursing and Health Studies recognized her exceptional commitment to others. Yet, for this tireless advocate, the greatest reward lies in the lives she touches and the futures she shapes.

As she stands at the crossroads of her journey, Noelle reflects on a singular value that has guided her throughout: “Help others before yourself.” With every interaction and every moment of mentorship, she embodies this mantra, bringing light to the lives of those she serves. In the tapestry of the Washington West African Center’s story, her role shines brightly, a testament to the transformative power of selflessness, dedication, and a heart that beats for the community.

In both her personal and professional life, Noelle is driven by her passion for fostering relationships. She thrives on engaging with others, uncovering their unique stories, and forming connections that go beyond the surface. As an active member of the community, she channels her enthusiasm for understanding others into her role, where she serves with dedication and empathy. 

Noelle dedicates her free time to absorbing knowledge through books and online resources, continuously broadening her horizons. She also spends time at the beach, connecting with nature and fostering peace.

To reach out to Noelle or join in her pursuit of knowledge, you can contact her at With her unwavering curiosity and dedication to creating meaningful bonds, Noelle leaves a lasting impression on everyone she encounters.