Since September of 2019, we joint 22 other organizations operating in Snohomish County and applied for a grant from the 2020 Census to provide advocacy and sensitize our communities about the importance of participating in the upcoming Census. We organized and supported a few local events, produced some media content, utilized, social and ethnic media, worked with and learn best practices from other organizations which we adapted to suit the needs of our community. Because of this, for the 1st time, more West Africans in Washington State understood the importance of being counted by the Census and thus participated in their numbers. See attached videos



• The month of October is Cancer awareness month. People around the world often organize series of activities to create awareness and raise funds for cancer victims, survivors and their families. There has been growing concerns about cancer in our community. In 2018 and 2019, nothing less than 15 Gambian women in Seattle metro area were diagnosed with cancer. Some detected it very late and thus died of it, Some who caught it early enough were able to undergo treatment successfully while others who are newly diagnosed are currently going through their treatment and others might be affected but they don’t know. • A lot of our community members face a lot of health challenges and complications but for lack of proper awareness or the financial means, they are usually not able to do much about their situations until it is too late. Most often end up dying of such complications that could have been avoided, prevented, managed and/or treated or they live with it for a lifetime. • In November 2019, we received a grant from Group Health to create awareness on Cancer. This event was scheduled for October 2020 but due to the Coronavirus, we could not hold this event. Check our website for updates on this project.