What Kind of Services We Offering

Connecting community members to essential services by providing them with transportation supports.

This is a service designed to provide Bill Payment, Grocery and Rental assistance to our community members who are experiencing an extraordinarily...

Free access to copying, printing and other clerical services, with supports from our staff & volunteers.

Helping our community enjoy the joy relationships and maintain family values.

WAWAC engages the kids of our community in meaningful after-school programs.

We engage the West African community in Washington through advocacy and awareness creation events and activities.

We support our seniors to access health-care services and engage them in activities to remain important contributors to the community.

Our clothing drive is one of our resource distribution strategies - collecting clothing donations which we extend to families in need.

Our youth program is designed to equip our young people with creative life-skills.

Bridging the communication barrier gap with our Interpretation & Translation Services - connecting the West African community to Washington and vice versa.

Promoting the diversity and values of our people as a platform for exchange and greater understanding.

Supporting our community members to increase their opportunities through our adult learning program.