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WAWAC is registered in the state of Washington and operates mostly in the Pierce, King and Snohomish counties. These 3 counties serve as home to the over 20 thousand West Africans in the state.

The mission of WAWAC is to Connect West Africans in Washington with local resources, bridge the gap between us and the wider community and culturally socialize West African children in a value driven way.

Vision Statement

The vision of Washington West African Center (WAWAC) is to see a vibrant, empowered and socio-economically healthy West African community in Washington.

Mission Statement

The mission of WAWAC is to Connect West Africans in Washington with local resources, bridge the gap between us and the wider community and culturally socialize West African children in a value driven way. Our mission aims to establish a pedestal to enable West Africans discover their full potential and facilitate communication through the use of modern information technologies and works of art for the discovery and realization of their talents.


To support and promote talent development in youths through media, arts and cultural promotion. To teach kids of West African descent in Washington about the positive cultures from their parents’ birth country and to project the image of West Africans in the state of Washington as valuable members of the diversely beautiful people of the United States.

[Our Activities at WAWAC]

What We Do

WAWAC engages the kids of our community in meaningful after-school programs.

The Washington West African Center (WAWAC) was established in 2017 with the goal to support West Africans in Washington to gain access...

Helping our community enjoy the joy relationships and maintain family values.

This is a service designed to provide Bill Payment, Grocery, and Rental assistance to our community members who are experiencing extraordinarily difficult...

Connecting community members to essential services by providing them with transportation supports.

Free access to copying, printing and other clerical services, with supports from our staff & volunteers.

We engage the West African community in Washington through advocacy and awareness creation events and activities.

We support our seniors to access health-care services and engage them in activities to remain important contributors to the community.

Our clothing drive is one of our resource distribution strategies - collecting clothing donations which we extend to families in need.

Bridging the communication barrier gap with our Interpretation & Translation Services - connecting the West African community to Washington and vice versa.

Promoting the diversity and values of our people as a platform for exchange and greater understanding.

Supporting our community members to increase their opportunities through our adult learning program.

Our Youth Development and internship program is designed to equip young people with requisite skills to stimulate their creativity and prepare them...


WA Residents reached through WAWAC outreach


WA Residents served by drop-in center and driver


WA residents receive translation help and guidance for judicial system


WA residents receive academic support


WA residents receive educational opportunity and/or job


WA Youths receive life skill training and academic support


WA youths receive training in multimedia related skills


WA youths The spirit of love, friendship, community and culture embedded


WA youths trained in communication advocacy skills


WA residents receive immigration/legal support pro bono


WA seniors received benefited from monthly hangout


WA residents receive logistical support to a medical appointment or food


WA students received academic support

20 k

West Africans Live and work in Washington


College students received grocery & logistical assistance in 2020 from WAWAC


K1-K12 students served by WAWAC


WA residents access food, housing and healthcare resources


WA residents receive logistical support to drop in center

[Since 2017]

Experience In Community Service

WAWAC connects West Africans in Washington with local resources and bridge the gap between us and the wider community, promote West African culture, inform and educates West Africans In WA to discover their potentials and facilitate communication in the use of information technologies and work of arts for the attainment and discovery of their talents and potentials.

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    What Our Community Members Say

    Our Community Members appreciate our work and dedication thereby showing gratitude. We equally appreciate their appreciation, support and recognition.

    • Client Image

      Thank so much for helping the grandma to have Vaccines.

      • Fatou Cham
      • Community Member
    • Client Image

      Thanks for helping the community gain access to the vaccine. Much appreciated.

      • Khadijah Barrow
      • Business Owner
    • Client Image

      I like the program and activities! You’re really doing a good job and we’re so proud of you! Good luck in everything 🙏🏾

      • Numbeh Bawo
      • Community Member
    • Client Image

      "thanks for sharing, keep pushing this is the best way to connect and get our kids too engaged. I would have loved my eldest to join but she'll be 15 in June" Adama Jammeh

      • Adama Jammeh
      • Community Member
    • Client Image

      Just to let you know that I already had my first Covid-19 vaccine last Sunday at Harborview and the last shot will be the 4th.However,I thank you for accommodating me in your program and much more a huge number of fellow Gambians/West Africans. I personally thank you for your untiring efforts and pray that Allah continue to guide you through out. Ameen.

      • Essa Fatty
      • Community Member

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    Available Job Vacancy Posts

    Part Time
    Lynnwood WA 98087
    Posted 1 year ago
    BIDEWW AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM SUMMARY After several parents engaged us to create a program that will support West African kids with their academic, life, and social skills needs, in February of 2022, WAWAC finally created what we call our "BIDEWW" (STAR) After School Program. WAWAC's BIDEWW/star after-school program and homework club seeks to create a culturally appropriate fun and new learning environment that fosters social skills and provides learning opportunities for our kids through exciting semi-structured activities such as science experiments, cooking classes, art projects, singing, dancing, music, cinematography, storytelling and more at a culturally appropriate setting for free of charge. Since the kids spend a lot of time at school where they learn in a structured and formal environment, the BIDEWW After School program is done in a loose environment where they still learn fun stuff that they create themselves. Additional recreational activities also take place to encourage them to stay active, healthy, and connected with each other. This is also a platform for West African kids to interact, learn from each other and build their own community. It is available to school-aged children 5 to 17 years old in Snohomish and King Counties twice a week. Through this platform, the kids of our community explore their artistic instincts through collaborative art projects. It holds significant value for our kids because it inspires them to be creatively driven at an early age. An opportunity that they don't ordinarily receive from their parents because a lot of West African parents deem art as a "waste of time" -This grossly deprives kids of the possibility to explore their creativity. We pride ourselves in opening our program to a wide range of African kids tailored to their unique needs, identity, and values.
    •  In Lynnwood, WAWAC offers this program twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays (4:30 pm to 7:00 pm) and needs support helping to maintain and improve this essential service. This location is a high need as both the kids and the parents eagerly look forward to this program.
    • After successfully implementing the pilot Bideww After School program in Snohomish County, in September of 2022, WAWAC partnered with School's Out Washington to start a similar program in King County. This program  is also offered to the West African youths in King County twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm) at the Live Life Church (800 SW 16th St, Renton, WA 98057.)
    Take a look at what a week can look like in the afterschool program: here or here. JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The WAWAC Bideww After School Program Director manages programs outside of school hours for the West African kids in Washington. His/her role includes:
    • Planning, preparing, and implementing an approved curriculum that includes language studies, math, art, social/life skills, and African culture and realities.
    • Enrolling new students as needed.
    • Engaging and meeting with parents to discuss their children's performance and concerns.
    • Creating all necessary documents relating to the program such as incident reports, compliance forms, transportation request forms, etc.
    • Having monthly meetings/briefings with WAWAC ED to update him on progress made and discuss any challenges regarding the program.
    • Overseeing daily lesson plans and activities that focus on developing children's social, life, and motor skills.
    • Scheduling and managing program staff and volunteer tutors.
    • Coordinating with UW Instructors and student volunteers.
    • Attending meetings and capacity-building training organized by WAWAC funding partners and submitting required reports to such partners as needed.
    • Managing all petty cash and finances relating to the running of the Bideww program and submitting a monthly report to the WAWAC finance department.
    • Writing program narrative and monthly financial reports.
    • Ensuring program compliance with city, state, and federal licensing requirements and working in partnership with WAWAC management to achieve this.
    • Assisting children with assignments and homework, such as reading, writing, and math.
    • Preparing learning materials and equipment, such as books, arts and crafts, stationery, and other supplies as needed.
    • Interacting with the children to provide guidance, emotional support, and motivation to complete tasks.
    • Engaging and meeting with parents to discuss their children's performance and any concerns.
    • Managing the Bideww WhatsApp group chat.
    • Maintaining an organized/safe environment and helping students learn skills that help them conduct themselves appropriately.
    • To aid the emotional and social-interactive growth of kids, to enable them to communicate their joys as well as their frustrations appropriately.
    • To encourage the social, physical, and intellectual development within children that attend our after-school program.
    REQUIREMENTS Candidates are required to fill out this job application form and do a criminal background check. WAWAC carries a background check through Checkr and will need your full name and email address to process this. It can take up to 72 hours to get the results back. QUALIFICATIONS:
    •  While a Bachelor's degree in Education, Child Development, or a related field is preferred, we may accept candidates with an Associate's degree, some college, and relevant experience.
    • Ability to speak and write Standard English appropriate in a school setting and willingness to learn and teach about Africa.
    • Must pass a criminal background check and fingerprinting.
    • At least six months of experience working with youth in a classroom, after school, summer camp, community, or other settings
    • Math and English skills (K-12)
    • The Bideww After-School Program Director will be responsible for managing staff and volunteers, coordinating activities, and supervising students. Thus, we prefer a candidate with good leadership and organizational skills.
    • Bideww Program Director will be responsible for the safety of the students and staff in the program. Thus, he/she is required to be First Aid and CRP certified.
    SALARY/HOURS: This is a part-time 10 hours/week position if working at 1 location and 20 hours a week if working at both locations. The salary is $30/hour. Contact: For more information, contact WAWAC EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,  Pa Ousman Joof via Email:, Tel : (253)-235-2132.

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    BIDEWW AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM SUMMARY After several parents engaged us to create a program that will support West African kids with their academic,...

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