Due to couples working multiple jobs to meet steep financial responsibilities,  the family dynamic suffers, thereby often leading to domestic disputes and even divorce. In this regard, the conventional U.S courts are hardly effective coupled with heavy fees in settling marital problems. Therefore, WAWAC ensures there is an alternative by providing traditional marriage counseling to couples who have cultural origins in the West African region. Just like it is done in West Africa, community and religious leaders to invoke our local and religious traditions to ensure the stability of the family unit. This service is delivered in a culturally sensitive and value driven way.

West African culture generally encourages families to settle disagreements and disputes using the family support system. As a result, WAWAC provides a safe and confidential outlet for spouses going through a hard time to resolve differences amicably without having to resort to the courts which often comes with very heavy financial burden, and sometimes consequences that negatively impact families (kids especially). The Grandmas’ Association was a critical component in terms of the smooth running of this program by facilitating dialogue and family oriented conversations.

Throughout 2022, WAWAC conducted 3 successful marriage and counseling sessions and broad advocacy, discussed further below. Since prevention is better than cure, we worked closely with religious and community leaders, such as Imams and seniors, who provided invaluable guidance to couples before, during and after marriages. They helped in educating the community about important traditional and religious principles  of resolving conflicts especially during divorce. WAWAC provided these leaders with  transportation and other logistical support. Our mediation efforts were instrumental in facilitating communication and understanding between parties, often yielding positive outcomes and strengthened relationships. We are proud to have played a role in bringing people together and look forward to continuing to serve our community in this way.