• Designation: Board Chair Woman
  • Company: WA West African Center

Service to WAWAC: Gloria served as the Chairperson of Washington West Africa Center and Gambia Talents Promotion from 2015 to present. Ms. Gloria assists the organization with resource mobilization, participating in advocacy and campaigns on issues of interest to the West African community based in Washington. Ms. Gloria and her family hosts social events for the organization and personally volunteered at some of the events organized by the Center.

In considering Ms. Gloria sharp eye for details and expectation standards, she performs fiduciary duties for the organization. She holds the organization accountable on how it delivers it programs. This includes her role of having an oversight function on how the organization operates its accounts in terms of cash flow and expenses, manage its assets, and run its day-to-day administration. I also facilitate meetings, community gatherings, and doings hands on works of serving people with food and drinks during events.

Personal Statement: Hello, I have been involved with Gambian Talents Promotion and Washington West African Center for the past 7years. The organization offers interesting services and supports for the African community based in Washington. I had the opportunity to interact the Gambians and other Africa during their annual Back to School Giveaway event that the organizations organize with school kids from different African countries going to school here in Washington. The experience of having direct interaction with these kids, sharing great life stories and skills with them, and encouraging them to be great asset of the greater American community is truly a life memory that I will always continue to treasure.

In addition, being a board member for the Washington West African Center and Gambian Talents Promotion has greatly enlightened my knowledge and experience. It has enriched my perspective of working different people from diverse walks of life. Most importantly, I’ve learnt a lot about the African cultures, values, and traditions. These include but not limited to their food, music, norms, arts, and dresses among others. This has opened by eyes and shaped personal understanding about Africa has a continent and West Africa as a region. It has truly shaped my perspective to embrace and nurture inclusion, equity, and diversity.
The kids’ program, advocacy, groceries and bill assistance, youth development, adult literacy, cultural promotion, and other services that the organization performs is fascinating and rewarding. In this regard, I look forward to serving the organization for years to come. Supporting and involving in these worthy causes has ever been my dream and WAWAC makes it a dream come true. The lifelong experiences gained through WAWAC will be lessons that I continued to share with my own family and friends. I am honored with the opportunity to be in service to others as a member of the Board.