January 31, 2024

Good news! Thousands of Washingtonians, including West Africans, qualify for the Working Families Tax Credit.
If you live and work in Washington State in the year 2022 or 2023, you can apply for the Working Families Tax Credit and receive up to $1,255 if you qualify.

Yes! Beginning February 1st, 2024, you will be able to claim a tax credit of up to $1255 if you meet certain eligibility requirements.

This is a local tax credit available to only residents of Washington State and is different from the federal Earned Income Tax Credit provided by the IRS.

This is not a loan or a debt and will not be used against you by any means or at any time, including when applying for immigration benefits.

If you did not claim the year 2022, you can still apply for it if you qualify

Your information is safe and protected and will not be voluntarily shared with anyone, including immigration.

You do not have to be currently employed to receive the money. You just need to have worked in 2022 or 2023 to claim the credit for the corresponding year.

It is not for only those with a Social Security number. It is also available to those who file their federal taxes with an Individual Tax Payer Identification Number (ITIN).

So don’t miss out.

For more information or to get help, contact WAWAC 425-758-3269 or 253-235-2132 or visit Www.wawac.org

You can also visit the Working Families Tax Credit website directly

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