25 Mar
  • By Pa Ousman Joof
  • / News
On Sunday, March 21st 2021, Washington West African Center threw a surprise farewell get together for Aja Suntu Camara, the Vice President of the Seattle Gambian Grandma’s Association as she gets ready to return to Gambia after 5 years of staying in the United States.
Aja Suntu was visited by members of her association S.G.G.A including their president Aji Awa Mboge all of whom came to bid her farewell.
In her opening statement, Aji Ndye Bah, the Deputy Public Relations Officer of the S.G.G.A who was deputizing for her boss Aji Nogoye Bah welcomed the grandmas and thanked them for coming out to bid farewell to Aji Suntu. ” you are already making us feel nostalgic but we are happy for you. We pray for you to go in peace and meet us in peace.” Prayed Aji Ndye.
For her part, the president of the Seattle Gambian Grandma’s Association Aji Awa Mboge thanked Aja Suntu for the way she is running the Affairs of the organization. I like the way you coordinate stuff for the grandmas but most importantly, the way you communicate with me. There’s no doubt that we will miss you.” The S.G.G.A president thanked their members for electing them as their leaders.
Speaking at the ceremony, Pa Ousman Joof, Executive Director of Washington West African Center explains why his institution decided to organize this last minute send off for Aja Suntu. “She’s one person that believed in our dream and vision from day one. She’s been very supportive of every project we have and stands right next to us through thick and thin. She gives us valuable advice and feedback when necessary. Aunty Suntu is our point of contact when it comes to the grandmas. She’s constantly following up to make sure the grandmas are taken care of. She always advocates for them to receive maximum services and benefits. The Seattle Gambian Grandma’s Association is our baby. If their dynamic leader who serves them selflessly is going home and their members decide to bid her farewell, we can’t do but support them.
” The GTP leader echoes.
Responding to the speakers, Aja Suntu Camara also thanked Washington West African Center and the members of her organization through their president Aji Awa Mboge. “I thank Pa Ousman and Gambian Talents Promotion for bringing the grandmas together. Because of him, we are constantly in touch with each other via our whatsapp group and we now have a voice. To all of you the grandmas, I am already missing you guys. Please try to take your vaccine shots so that we can start meeting again. I took my shots and also got my 72 hours COVID-19 test results. I will be in Gambia but I will still continue to do what I do. I pray that we go in peace, come back in peace and meet you all in peace.” Said the S.G.G.A vice president.
Other speakers included Aji Bintou Bah, Aji Assiatou Bah, Aji Ma Bintou Colley and others all of whom shared similar sentiments.
They all thanked Aja Suntu for her dedication, commitment, and leadership.