June 6, 2024

The festival aims to create a harmonious gathering where people from various communities can come together to immerse themselves in the rich and authentic culture and traditions of Africa, presented by Africans themselves. We firmly believe that this event will foster diversity, promote peaceful coexistence and facilitate meaningful business exchanges between the African community in Washington and other communities. Attendees will have the invaluable opportunity to explore traditional African cuisines, fashion, languages and music.

Over the course of the festival will showcase the diverse facets of African culture, offering Washington state creative, enjoyable and distinctive experience. For too long, West Africans in Washington have felt neglected and marginalized, limiting our engagement to our immediate community alone. The Sounds of Africa Festival therefore aims to change the narrative and bridge the gap between our community and the wider population.

The festival day is proposed to be Saturday, August 17th from 1pm to 7pm, which promises a day filled with fun and various edutainment activities such as a Fashion show to showcase African clothing, a dance competition and captivating performances by various artists including one renowned traditional African band (yet to be determined) to entertain the public. There will also be vendors of different types (food, clothing, arts and crafts and other businesses and community partners who will sell or display different items.)

ABOUT THE Washington West African Center :

The mission of Washington West African Center

(WAWAC) is to connect West Africans in Washington with local resources, bridge the gap between us and the wider community and culturally socialize West African children in a value driven way.

Our mission aims to establish a pedestal to enable West Africans discover their full potential and facilitate communication through the use of modern information technologies and works of art for the discovery and realization of their talents. The vision of WAWAC is to see a vibrant, empowered and socio-economically healthy West African community in Washington. For more information, visit Www.wawac.org

Watch the video below to see Sounds of Africa Festival Synopsis:

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The Washington West African Center, connecting West Africans in Washington with local resources and bridge the gap between us and the wider community. If we don’t have it, we go find it.

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