May 7, 2024

The mission of Washington West African Center is to connect West Africans in Washington with local resources, bridge the gap with us and the wider community and culturally socialize West African children in a value driven way. Our mission aims to establish a pedestal to enable West Africans discover their full potentials and facilitate communication through the use of modern information technology and works of art for the discovery and realization of their talents. Our vision is to see a vibrant, empowered and socio-economically healthy West African community in Washington.

Our mission in this project is to eliminate racism, empower immigrants, and promote peace, justice and dignity for all people. The WAWAC Sutura Team works towards these aspirations by offering trauma-informed culturally appropriate wrapped-around supportive services and advocacy around housing stability, economic self-efficacy, personal safety, and emotional well­ being customized to each individual’s needs in a value driven way.



Certainly! At WAWAC, our transportation service is the backbone of community support in Washington state. Donated vans and minibusses connect members to immigration services, mental health care, educational programs, and more. During COVID-19, we facilitated vaccinations for over 5000 West Africans. Our service extends beyond transportation to delivering donations and hosting community events, all aimed at empowering and strengthening our community’s health and independence.

At Lumo WAWAC, we’re tackling food insecurity and homelessness in our community post-pandemic. Through our West African market initiative, we provide culturally relevant groceries to those in need. With your support, we restore critical programs, ensuring timely delivery to empower individuals and families to stay healthy and self-sufficient. Join us in making a difference.

WAWAC’s “Bideew After School Program” offers West African children in Snohomish and King County a free, culturally immersive learning experience twice a week. Providing academic support, social skill development, and collaborative artistic projects, the program has seen significant demand, with 35 children currently on the Snohomish County waiting list alone. Expanding to King County in 2022, WAWAC addresses the need for creative outlets and community engagement among West African youth, fostering inclusivity and preparation for future endeavors.

WAWAC values our elderly community members, recognizing their pivotal role in society. To combat loneliness and health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes, we host monthly gatherings where grandmothers engage in activities, discussions, and mutual support. Additionally, we provide transportation assistance for medical appointments, religious services, and social visits, ensuring their holistic well-being.

If you would like to support WAWAC to provide to more services to the West African community in Washington State, contact us on 253-235-2132,

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The Washington West African Center, connecting West Africans in Washington with local resources and bridge the gap between us and the wider community. If we don’t have it, we go find it.

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