19 Mar
  • By Pa Ousman Joof
  • / News
Greetings everyone. If you did not take the COVID-19 Vaccine yet and will like to take it this coming Tuesday, please text me ( please text direct line 404-593-6215 as my phone is always overwhelmed with whatsapp messages) your full name, date of birth and phone number. This is all I need to set up an appointment for you to take your 1st dose.
You will be given your appointment for the 2nd dose when you go to Providence on Tuesday. I need this information before tomorrow otherwise, you will be rolled over to the following week.
We have exhausted the entire list of people who contacted us the past one month. If you reached out to us in the past week and you didn’t make it on the last batch, don’t worry, be assured that you are top on the list for this coming Tuesday in additional to those that will reach out to us after seeing this text.
We only have 25 slots available for this Tuesday and we already have 15 people lined up. So we only need 10 more people. Thank you for trusting GTP for all your needs. We take pride in connecting Gambians/West Africans in Washington with local resources and bridge the gap between us and the wider community. GTP!!! The people’s power!!!