16 Aug

The Washington West African Center (WAWAC) was established in 2017 with the goal to support West Africans in Washington to gain access to resources and bridging the gap between us and the wider community. In doing so, we actively endeavor to create spaces that would enable us to…

23 Jun

West African Market

  • By Pa Ousman Joof

This is a service designed to provide Bill Payment, Grocery, and Rental assistance to our community members who are experiencing extraordinarily difficult circumstances. We support immigrants, refugees, and new members of the community (people who moved recently into the community) who are struggling financially to ensure their dignity…

01 May

Drop-in Center

  • By Pa Ousman Joof

Free access to copying, printing and other clerical services, with supports from our staff & volunteers.

20 Mar


  • By Pa Ousman Joof

We engage the West African community in Washington through advocacy and awareness creation events and activities.

12 Nov

We support our seniors to access health-care services and engage them in activities to remain important contributors to the community.